Mudge & where the rainbow ends


Sit back and enjoy a batch of homespun storytelling from New Boonies, Minnesota, where, when folks aren’t cooking up a pot of moonshine, they’re arguing with each other about life’s most important subjects—such as whether one should be loyal enough to pour a bottle of pricey Jameson’s on his best friend’s grave … and whether it would be okay to drink it first.

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Lovable curmudgeon Mudge Wigglesword, a native of New Boonies, has decided to strike out for the big city of Minneapolis—or, as he calls it, Mini Tropolis. There he bonds with a delightful cast of characters, such as the neighborhood fortuneteller, a singer with a foot fetish, and a parrot named Socrates who might or might not read the newspapers on the bottom of the cage when nobody is looking. But when Mudge’s dear Aunt Thudalia passes on, he inherits the strange gift of a stuffed grizzly bear, left to Aunt Thudalia by her long-lost love, who struck out for Alaska decades ago. The bear summons him to search for a forgotten fortune … but what else will he find at the end of the rainbow?

“With a style that brings to mind Mark Twain and Patrick McManus, Frederick Blanch takes us by the hand and reveals the world according to our hero, Mudge. Filled with folksy wisdom and some downright foolishness, ‘Mudge & where the rainbow ends’ will keep you smiling long after the final page is read.” — Jane Frankiewicz, Director, Spooner, WI, Public Library

“Frederick Blanch has done it again. The Minnesota humorist’s ‘Frederick’s Bionary’ was a popular and critical success, and his new book ‘Mudge & where the rainbow ends’ introduces us to more of his side-splitting, down-home storytelling. Through the unique voice of New Boonies native Mudge Wigglesword, a quirky cast of northwoods charmers is uncovered, and stick with the reader long past the book’s finale. Who could forget a philosophizing parrot named Socrates or Aunt Thudalia and her beloved Johnny Dieffenbachia plant? An endearing book.” — Nancy Noffke, Branch Librarian, Montgomery, MN, Public Library

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